As TinTin entered his office, he quickly closed the door behind him giving the Trandoshan  a much needed break.  As booming as business was, there was one thing TinTin valued more than credits…and that was quiet.  All he ever wanted to do was live out his life and reap his rewards, but somehow trouble always seemed to find him.  

Colborne Port was no longer run by the people but rather the crime syndicates.  It didn’t take an expert to understand that TinTin’s Cantina was one of the few remaining places that didn’t have Tuma The Hutt’s stink all over it, but what choice did the citizens really have?  Tuma controls everything.  Everything, except the Cantina. After all, he had history with the Hutt and he was doing everything he could to avoid him as old hatreds ran deep.  Realistically though, TinTin knew that it was only a matter of time before war would be at his doorstep once again.  But that was a problem for another time as TinTin was more of a “live today, worry tomorrow” kind of guy. 

TinTin proceeded to sit down and fill his mug with his favorite vintage of Cloud City Cider.  As he was doing so, he noticed a little ripple within the thick liquid in his glass.  His stomach immediately dropped.  He could feel it, before he heard it.  There was a ship landing on his personal pad and few would be so bold.  Before TinTin could even turn and look down from his window,  MaGooch, his colossal, cumbersome guard smashed through the door.  “T, it’s Gara Squad… They got kids with them and one looks hurt… pretty bad too.” The Gamorrean grunted.  

Before Gara Squad even entered the sanctuary, TinTin knew what his old “pal” Scorch was going to ask of him, and the answer was absolutely not.  He was done taking in strays.  The last time he did it, that girl became family, which for most people may seem like a great thing but to TinTin, love was a weakness.  The less people he cared for, the less he had to lose.  That’s when Rinn joined the pair in TinTin’s office.  

Rinn was the exception. TinTin and MaGooch were duty-bound to free her from a horrendous situation involving slavers attempting to take her offworld.  TinTin convinced everyone that he only did the act of kindness as a consequence to those slavers messing with his smuggling operations.  He explained that it was just better for everyone if the slavers ceased operations indefinitely.  Only Rinn and MaGooch knew the truth.

Knowing TinTin better than most, the orange skinned, Twi’lek understood that TinTin would put on a game face and play it tough, but when it was time to make a decision, she knew it would be the right one.  Besides, she figured she would stay for the meeting just to make sure TinTin’s stubbornness didn’t get the best of him.

As soon as Rinn made herself comfortable behind his desk, TinTin knew that he was likely going to have two new guests at his Cantina for the foreseeable future, but he had a reputation to keep, so he thought he would try and put off a decision for as long as he could.  He buzzed the door open to allow Scorch entrance to his office.  Just outside of his door, he could see the wounded boy on a hover bed with his younger sister standing guard over him accompanied by several members of Gara Squad.  He knew right there and then, that these kids would be strays no more and that the Cantina would be their new home, but he still had to play it out, if only for appearance sake.  

Lessons Learned

As the sun began to set, Jace and Gigi could feel the fatigue of another full day of training begin to take over.  The siblings were exhausted and frustrated because it had been weeks since they began their fighting drills, and it felt as if little to no progress was being made.   For some reason, TinTin was exceptionally hard on them today.   He over analyzed and dissected every attack and defense they demonstrated.  The pair agreed, it was time to quit. But being so tired, they barely had enough energy to walk to their bunks, let alone tell TinTin they were done with everything.  So, it was decided they would break the news in the morning after a good night’s rest. 

When the siblings awoke the next morning, they knew confronting TinTin was going to be difficult, especially after everything he had done for them, so they took a walk around Colborne Port to build up some courage.  As they began walking, they heard loud childlike screams in the distance and knew immediately something was wrong.  They followed the cries for help around the corner down a darkened alleyway.  There were three young children surrounded by a dozen of Tuma’s thugs.  It was easy to identify that they worked for Tuma, as they bared the mark of The Blight.  It was one of the few details, the pair noticed before the thugs attention was turned onto them.

At first glance, none of these fools seemed to present a big challenge on their own but together, they were certainly a threat.  Quickly, the goons took notice of the siblings and focused their efforts on the newcomers.  Jace and Gigi were outnumbered and in trouble.

An angry Weequay who seemed to be the leader, teased, “Well, well, look what we got here.  Let’s make these little heroes our next casualties!  Get ’em boys!” He gestured to his men to attack. Chaos erupted.

Before Jace and Gigi knew it, the group of scoundrels rushed the pair with their blunt, make shift weapons, made mostly from pieces of scrap.  Without warning, the siblings had no choice but to fight.  In the process of the attack,  their  bodies reacted in unison almost mechanically and without thought. Punch after kick was blocked and eventually a swift retaliation was delivered.  Before long, the battle was over and the attackers were now the conquered.

After Tuma’s crew lay battered and broken, Jace and Gigi realized exactly why TinTin was so hard on them during their training sessions.  He knew what they were capable of, when they worked together.  After the children were safe, the pair returned to the Cantina with a change of heart and prepared for another day of grueling work.

Jace and Gigi apologized for being late to TinTin, who lovingly accepted, secretly thinking there was more to this story, but knowing better than to ask about it.  TinTin smiled and immediately called upon his assistant MaGooch to work them a little harder than usual in close combat drills.  The pair looked at each other and smiled as they prepared for yet another day of training.