"I have spoken! "

Jace Wars has gotten alot of coverage over the years through various media outlets.  From local newspapers to national ones, it still baffles our minds that so many want to hear our story.  Although, the majority of articles are based locally within the Niagara Region, we are now able to share these publications with you, thanks to the power of the internet.  Feel free to read any of the articles by selecting the pictures below.

Star Wars Insider

There are few times in life, where you can look upon your achievements and truly appreciate them.  Every time we look upon our feature in Star Wars Insider a massive smile forms.  It is still incredibly hard to believe that it even happened at all.  When planning our events and fundraisers, recognition is the furthest thing from our thoughts, but when someone approached us with the idea of submitting our story to Star Wars Insider, I thought, what did we have to loose?   We sent an e-mail explaining what we do, honestly expecting to never hear back from them again.  Within hours a reply was received asking for further information and a few months later issue 186 was released.  For those unaware, Star Wars Insider is the officially licensed magazine of the greatest space saga of them all…Star Wars.  Although the issue is still available through back orders, we included our excerpt for you all to enjoy.  This international publication ranks among our greatest achievements.

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