"In my book experience outranks everything!"

Short Stories

In the following section you will find several short narratives that expand our story from the comic.  The goal of these shorts is to provide a more in depth look at what different characters are feeling and thinking during significant moments throughout our tale.  Because the comic is so intense and action packed, we wanted a means to spotlight different characters, from major ones to minor ones.  Each individual is important to our larger story and now for the first time, we get to see what they were thinking about during their involvement in Jace Wars: The Comic.

Under the Helmet

Creating a comic has been quite a learning experience.  I like to compare it to building something as the same principles are used.  You begin with a basic idea and do some preliminary design work.  As the ideas flow, some thoughts flourish while others are dropped entirely.  As you add layers of pencils to paper, your script becomes alive.  From there, it is just adding more layers of details to the strong base that was created.  Before long rough pencils turn to final drawings then inks and finally colors are added completing the story.  Here you can see the collaborative process between writer, Aaron Russell and artist, Shane Kirshenblatt.  Witness what it takes for a story to come alive from start to finish in our transformative pieces below. 

Ribbon Grey sharp


The snapshot section is a way of giving you a little insight into the history of our main characters and locations.  The majority of these were written years before the comic book was released and have gone through many revisions over time.  As a writer, knowing this information allowed the story to have an encyclopaedia of sorts that we could go to to help advance our story.  Even though the majority of these details were never known, it helped develop the characters for us.  Now, for the first time ever, you can read these background profiles and understand the characters a little better about why they act the way they do and what events helped shape them.