"I find your lack of faith disturbing!"

To watch your heroes on the big screen is an enjoyment that can’t be described easily.  That feeling you get watching Han and Chewie take off in the Millenium Falcon or Luke facing off against Darth Vader, or Jace’s personal favourite, Boba Fett making his epic first appearance in The Empire Strikes Back is simply beyond words.  Sharing these moments with our family is always a very special time for us.  Since the creation of Jace Wars we now get to share that passion with others and help our community in the process.  Keeping that in mind, you can imagine how awesome it feels to have met an actual actor from the Saga in person.

Stars of the Saga

Over many years, we have been privileged to have met a large portion of the main cast of the original Star Wars Trilogy.  Each and every one of them went above and beyond with their interactions with Jace regardless of how long their autograph lines were.  Each actor was presented with a specialized Jace Wars plaque welcoming them to our battle against childhood illness.  Below you can see some moments and mementoes from our various interactions.

Star Wars Celebrities

Being such a huge fan of Star Wars, means getting to know not only the main characters, but also the side characters as well.  Sometimes, it is these characters that are more interesting than our heroes because their stories are left unexplored and always leave you wanting more.  We have met many actors from the Saga over the years and have even become personal friends with several.  We like to call it the “Star Wars Family” and anyone in the community knows what that means, but for those that don’t, it simply means that these interactions go beyond a simple film, as we (actors and fans) all feel like we are a part of something greater.

Other Celebrities

Sometimes, we find ourselves in situations where we can share our story with other celebrities ranging from artists and musicians to athletes and wrestlers.  Below is a gallery of some of our favourite encounters with some legendary figures.