"Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is!"

Mission Centre

Jace Wars Escape Room!

Cadets, here you will find some challenging puzzles.  It will take some thinking, problem solving and researching in order to be successful.  These are skills every recruit needs to work on so please, consider this your basic training to become an official Stormtrooper. Click on the link to download and print your very own copy for you to work on.  If these are challenging, don’t feel bad Cadet, just remember the Gara Squad Mantra: Success against all odds!   That means we don’t ever give up no matter how hard something is, so be resourceful and ask an adult if you need help.

Activity Sector

Welcome to the Activity Sector.  Your mission is simple, assist Jace and the various members of his crew by completing the following activities.  From hyperspace calculations, to mystery mazes, you will find several missions that will sharpen your skills and make you a better warrior. 

Art Sector

Below you can see various artists and their depictions of our heroes and villains.  Click on the various images below to see the countless hours of work that helped give our story life.  Witness the evolution of Jace Wars through the displayed pieces.  If you would like to contribute a piece of art, feel free to contact us.

Brain Tumour Sector

In order to defeat your enemy, you must first understand them.  In this section you will find a brief summary of the basics of brain tumours written in a child friendly manner from Karly D’Angelo, a nursing student.  The complex ideas are broken down into easy to understand bits of information that can apply to a variety of age groups while focusing on the education piece of Jace Wars.

Colouring Sector

Here you will find unfinished versions of some of our greatest heroes and villains.  We already have a pretty good idea about what they look like but maybe it’s time for a change?  Put on you creative buckets and grab your crayons or coloring pencils so you can complete your very own versions of the Jace Wars characters. If you want to submit your final masterpiece for us to display on our Facebook page, please contact us.

Personality Sector

The crew of The Gunnarsingh consists of five members; Jace, Gigi, Pep, Lud Lum and Chimmy.  Each bring unique talents and traits to help the team work together to accomplish their goal in defeating Tuma.  Without the contributions of each part of this team, no mission would be successful.  It’s time for you to see who you most resemble.  Click on the link to take our customized Jace Wars Personality Quiz.  For the best results, answer honestly and remember, have fun!