Our Team

"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villiany!"

Creating an organization like Jace Wars is alot of work.  From planning, organizing and executing events, to social media strategies and web design, the amount of labour is daunting at times.  The Russell family has been fortunate to be surrounded by the love and support of many individuals who have volunteered their time over the years, but there are several who have gone above and beyond.  Below you can meet our team and see how instrumental their work is.  Each member has a speciality that has helped Jace Wars become what it is today.  They truly are the real life “Gara Squad”.

Code Name: Peeky


The boy who inspired an army!  This brave and courageous little man has been through more than most and all the while never complained once.  His carefree attitude and beautiful imagination are only a few of his amazing qualities.  Jace has the final say in all we do, especially when it comes to merchandise.

Code Name: Beanie


A princess on the outside and a warrior within. No one can do it alone and if Jace Wars had a heart it would be Gigi.  She always thinks of others first, ensuring that no one feels left behind.  Empathetic, compassionate and understanding are qualities that make this young girl a true beauty.  

Code Name: Waster of Star Power


The silent partner if you will.  Desiree keeps everything in check and is able to make the rational decisions when needed.  She is the glue that holds it all together even though most of her work is behind the scenes.  She is the first one to bounce ideas off and ensure quality above all else.

Code Name: Roxswell


The guy who had the crazy idea to start this whole Jace Wars thing.  Working tirelessly on all aspects of the organization has taught him many things.  Although limited by what one person can actually accomplish, it does not prevent Aaron from trying anyway, and thus far it looks to have paid off.

Code Name: Furball


No family is complete without a loyal companion and no truer words can be spoken when it comes to our pup, Taxi.  This cute Morkie is full of energy and has the ability to jump higher than a kangaroo if he sees food. His fun loving nature is exactly what Jace Wars tries to convey in their work.

Code Name: Goldie


From day one, this man has been beside us encouraging and contributing.  Every single picture touched up, every piece of artwork tweeked, every article proof read and every flyer created…this man’s hands have been on it all.  His contributions are invaluable but come second to his friendship.

Code Name: Scorch


A true leader when it comes to the front lines of fighting childhood illness.  If Jace Wars had a mentor it would be this man.  Always there to provide guidance and support, Rob and his entire family have helped make Jace Wars what it is today.  No matter the job, he will be there.

Code Name: Zexx


The master builder himself.  Ken was instrumental in the development of all of our major props and displays.  He could take your average hall and transform it into something straight from a movie set.  His eagerness and positive energy were a welcome addition to Jace Wars.

Code Name: Thanoseid


When we hit a wall either creatively or in reality there is one man who we turn to, even at the last minute and that man is Travis.  He has been a steadfast supporter and throughout the years has become more involved with our operations.  We are happy to have him on our team.

Code Name: Siege


From day one, Corey has been to every single event we have hosted always generously donating to our raffle table usually making it double in size.  If you have won something from us over the years, odds are he donated a piece of that prize.  His words of encouragement always push us to keep going.


Going above and beyond would be the understatement of all time when it comes to Andrew.  Patient and concise, this webmaster will not settle for anything less than perfection.  No matter how much work was put onto him, it never stopped him from doing more to achieve the best website possible… and that he did.