"Now this is Pod Racing!"

A podcast is basically a modern radio show that you can stream or download off the internet to listen at your convenience. Jace Wars has been fortunate enough to be featured in numerous podcasts.  The majority of which were recorded by our friends at We Got The Geek.  Throughout the years, they had attended many of our events and became featured guests.  Wherever Jace Wars was, you could be assured that We Got The Geek were close by.  Having their crew record live shows from our events generated a lot of excitement and many beautiful memories.  As the years passed by, we have been fortunate to meet some new podcasting friends along the way. You will also notice since the release of our Jace Wars comic book, several Star Wars publication podcasts have done little excerpts and specials about us.  Select any of the images below to hear for yourself.

The crew at Rexin Around received a special Jace Wars package.  See what they have to say at the 11:30 minute mark of their August 19th Pod Cast.  They even tease at a potential production that you will want to hear about.

Join host Yaron Betan and our very own Jace Wars artist, Shane Kirshenblatt on the Heroes Manufactured Live Show.  To hear about Shane’s work with Jace Wars, head to the 6:00 minute mark.

Check out our latest podcast with Star Wars Splash Page! The interview begins at the 18:30 mark. 

Jedi Journals – July 2019 Podcasts – Review by hosts Jay and Chris. Jace Wars is discussed at the 29:00 minute mark. 

Check out this latest podcast!

Created May 17th, 2020

We Got The Geek is a local pod-cast that cover everything in pop culture from comics, movies and television. They were founded in 2013 by J Stew, with one of their first events being our first Jace Wars fundraiser.  Since then they have become extended members of our Jace Wars family and we in turn have become part of their family. They were one of the first to support our crazy adventures and before long became our biggest champions. Below are various interviews and pod casts throughout the various Jace Wars events.

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