ZAP, BOOM, POW…A Comic Is Created!

Creating Jace’s custom Mandalorian armor utilizing various aspects from his personal journey fighting a brain tumour was an intense and therapeutic process. Having actual blast marks where his tumour was and being able to incorporate various tubes and breathing masks from his surgery allowed us the opportunity to show the world how brave our little hero actually was. From there, our creative juices began to flow and I can’t do something for one child and not the other, thus our little pilot Gigi was outfitted. After some thought, our fight against tumours transformed to our fight against Tuma, the embodiment of evil. Now that we had a face for our disease, Jace Wars: The Comic was born. Friends and family were transformed into characters while special sites such as McMaster Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House transitioned to locations including a Medbay and TinTin’s Cantina. Our intention was to release our fictional story and incorporate information about our real life journey and the amazing causes we support as a way to not only entertain but also educate the masses. A very small run of 250 books were published with all proceeds going to McMaster Stem Cell & Cancer Research Institute. The book has been well received by both the Star Wars fan community and followers of Jace Wars. Due to the success additional issues will be released in the future completing the story.

On the distant world of Nar Shaddaa, an illness has plagued locals leaving many in dire situations.  With no other options, the impoverished population must turn to the ruling crime lord Tuma The Hutt as their only means for survival.  It is here that siblings, Jace and Gigi begin to take notice and stand up for those who cannot help themselves.
As Tuma learns of the sibling’s defiance, swift action is taken to quell the rebellious youths.  It is here that Tuma unknowingly begins a chain of events that will take us all over the galaxy in an adventure for the ages.  Witness as Jace and Gigi rally an unlikely band of heroes consisting of imperial stormtroopers, scoundrels, scavengers and misfits as they take the fight to Tuma.

Jace, Gigi and their crew of misfits have established quite a following becoming more than just a nuisance to crime lord Tuma The Hutt.  Realizing that the status quo is not going to be enough to stop the rising insurrection, Tuma assembles his captains known throughout the galaxy as The Blight.  For these vile and ruthless felons, domination is secondary only to causing pain and anguish.

After vital information is learned, our heroes jump into action to do everything they can to stop Tuma from spreading the weaponized illness known as Magno Resin.  Are they up to the challenge?   Do they have what it takes to battle a relentless new enemy?  Who exactly are The Blight?  Find out in our penultimate issue of Jace Wars.

Battered, broken and scattered throughout the galaxy, our heroes have been defeated. With tremendous losses on all fronts, hope is all but vanished. Tuma and The Blight have won! With the Empire destroyed and rival, Jabba the Hutt killed, there is nothing left standing in Tuma’s way to galactic dominance using the Magno Resin as a brutal means to control any who resist.

Can Jace and Gigi recover from their failures and rally those remaining for one last battle? What do you do when you think you have lost everything? What will it take to defeat The Blight? Find out all these answers and more in our epic conclusion to Jace Wars: The Comic.

Meet the Comic Team!

Aaron Russell

Writer and Creator

Most known for being Jace’s father, Aaron was always enthralled by a good story.  Creative writing was always a fun outlet for him to do in his spare time.  He went on to complete his Bachelors of Arts at the University of Waterloo with a focus on literature.  He has worked as both a teacher and a social service worker.

Robert Goldie

Layout Editor

Robert is a digital wizard with a variety of computer programs.  From Photoshop to Excel and everything in between, this man is able to create amazing works of art by extracting what can only be seen with what he calls, “an artist’s eye.”  Although the visuals are important, Robert never losses sight of the importance of the messaging in all he does.