"Rebellions are built on hope!"

Awareness leads to research,

Research leads to knowledge,

Knowledge leads to power!

The Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada is a one stop shop for everything brain tumour related. From basic facts to complicated myths, this website provides an area where not only those diagnosed can seek information, but also those family and friends that are affected can find resources and support.


According to their website; “Over the years, the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada developed a nation-wide support network that has grown to include both in-person and online groups. They have brought support directly into the home with the publication of four handbooks – one each for adult, pediatric and non-malignant brain tumours, as well as a handbook specifically for caregivers published in 2019.

Other services include a toll-free number, which patients can call for advice, couselling and support, as well as a children’s storybook to help kids understand brain tumours. These services all help patients and survivors be welcomed into a larger community and share a sense of family.”

The Mandalorian Mythosaur Skull symbolizes the strength of a warrior’s culture. The Brain Tumour ribbon is a symbol of unity and hope. When combined, these two elements represent what  Jace Wars is all about… hope and strength.
Courtesy of the Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada