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Snap Shots

The snapshot section is a way of giving you a little insight into the history of our main characters and locations.  The majority of these were written years before the comic book was released and have gone through many revisions over time.

Crew & Their Locations

Jace (Human Male)- Colborne Port- Nar Shaddaa

Gigi (Human Female)- Colborne Port- Nar Shaddaa

PR-1E (Astromech Droid)- Watto’s Shop-Tatooine

Lud Lum (Wampa Male)-Ice Cave- Hoth

Chimmy (Kowakian Monkey Lizard Male)- Endor

Environment Locations

TinTin’s Cantina- Hutt City- Nar Shaddaa

The Gunnarsingh- Bought on Tattooine– when not in space, secretly docked at TinTin’s

ChaCha’s Depot- Far Outskirts – Dria

Supporting Characters

TinTin (Trandoshan Male) – Hutt City- Nar Shaddaa

MaGooch (Gammorean Male)- Hutt City- Nar Shaddaa

Rinn (Twi’lek Female)- Hutt City- Nar Shaddaa

Cha Cha (Jawa Female)- Dria

Jax & Mortimer (Rancors Male)- Dria

Gara Squad (Imperial Soldiers)- Death Star

Tuma the Hutt (Hutt Male)- Hutt City- Nar Shaddaa

Dena (Rodian Male ) -Hutt City- Nar Shaddaa, does alot of business on Kessel

Character Bios


The boy who will become a legend 

Our story revolves around a child by the name of Jace.  Born and raised on the streets of Colborne Port, on the planet of Nar Shaddaa, Jace and his younger sister Gigi have been on their own, for as far back as they could remember.  Their mother, Dez was a Mandalorian refugee who fled Mandalore for the safety of her children.  Unfortunately, her troubles followed forcing her into having to do some questionable work for the Hutt cartel, a problem faced by many citizens of Nar Shaddaa.  After a particularly dangerous job for Tuma the Hutt, Dez went off the grid and was presumed dead.  All that was left of her existence was the love of her family, and a small shack they called home furnished with the bare necessities.  She also kept true Mandalorian armor, broken, fragmented and hidden away to keep prying eyes at bay and eager bounty hunters unaware.

Jace had always been a kind and caring boy with a moral code that could rival that of a Jedi.  His recollections of his mother were filled of love but also of worry and he vowed to never find himself under the Hutts “protection”.  He would rather make a poor honest living then take on any job offered by the Hutts.  It is these convictions that make Tuma take a special interest in the boy. 

As our story begins, there is an epidemic going around Nar Shaddaa and neighbouring worlds where people are getting extremely sick and some succumbing to death as a result of their illness.  Jace is well aware of this problem as he helps local residents with what little money he earns while caring for those affected most.  He always figured people die and that’s just how it is, but does it really have to be that way?  Jace continued to research and ask questions eventually leading him to some substantial findings that this disease was not natural.  In fact it was biological in design and had definitely been tampered with by someone’s hand.

Quickly things escalate and Jace with his sister by his side, wants answers and will not rest until he gets them.  Trying to go through the proper channels, Jace quickly contacts the local Holonet and respected community leaders in hopes of exposing the truth.  Little did he know, they were all on the Hutt’s payroll like most in Colborne Port.  Word quickly reaches Tuma of Jace’s tenacity and he realizes that something must be done.  There is no way Jace was going to accept a payoff to shut his mouth. There was simply too much of his mother in him.

Tuma quickly calls in some favors to take care of the problem.  Within a standard day cycle, a report on the Holonet stating that a local boy named Jace had been shot and presumed dead was released.  Satisfied Tuma, considered the dilemma solved, and continues to operate in exploitation and anarchy.

Under the guise of local Stormtroopers, an elite imperial force known as Gara Squad is dispatched by Vader himself to protect the boy.  It was Gara Squad that doctored the Holonet report and stabilized Jace’s life.   Knowing the road to recovery would be long, they turned to an old ally, TinTin for help knowing his Cantina was one of the few in the sector not controlled by the Hutts.


With every mission, there has to be a voice of reason and that voice usually belongs to Gigi.  Being the first member to join her brother’s crew, Gigi is best known for her ability to fly anything that has an engine and a pulse.   Her natural ability to sense things before they happen have made her the perfect asset for plotting dangerous escapes.  She has flown everything and everywhere from the occasional X-Wing course on Dantooine to various Rebel Blockade Runs on Mon Cal.  She even took a First Order Destroyer out for a joyride once cementing her place as a local legend at TinTin’s Cantina.  Although, that is a tale for another time.

Even though, it may be Jace who makes the final call aboard The Gunnarsingh, it is never without advisement from Gigi.  She has the ability to see the whole picture, weighing in both sides of every situation, the pros and cons, the dangers and the spoils.  Being the only female on the crew, she rarely needs to ask anything twice.  Even Lud Lum fears the repercussions of an irritated Gigi.

As the assassination attempt is made on Jace, Gigi is right by his side.  The trauma she underwent was placed on the backburner while she did everything she could to help save his life.  She was even brave enough to try and stop Gara Squad before she learned of their intentions.  Diligently, she watched over her brother while they rested and trained for several months at TinTin’s.  It is here where the little girl first learned how to fly.  The seeds were sewn reluctantly at first, but one might say she grew into her wings.

Eventually the siblings recovered and were presented with their mother’s armor by Cha Cha.  The armor was surprisingly a perfect fit for both her and Jace, though Gigi preferred not to use the helmet as she felt her goggles worked best for piloting.  It was Mandalorian in design.  A culture both of the siblings were well aware of as it was in their blood. 

What little, they could remember of their mother was that she was originally from Mandalore but fled due to the ever increasing dangers of The Clone Wars.  Make no mistake, she may have fled, but she was no coward, and given the opportunity she would have gladly stayed and fought alongside her Madalorian brothers and sisters against any invader no matter the consequence.  However, she had a family to worry about and that came above all else.  There were few things Gigi had from her mother but this was one of them and what better gift than to share it to the one person she loved most in this world, her brother. 

PR-1E AKA Pep for Pepperoni

PR-1E has had a rough go as far as Astromech Droids are concerned.  He was assembled with the best of intentions but the worst of executions.  His creator was a small girl named Kiara whom did everything she could to get this droid up to working order, but her limited skills just couldn’t get it there.  The electronics always malfunctioned, the motivator kept short circuiting and the Droid was forever going in circles due to it’s two left legs.  After a slow realization, Kiara submitted to her failure and sold PR to Watto for barely enough credits to cover her transport to the scrap yard.  It was here, where PR-1E was left abandoned in a pile of scraps doomed to lay non-functioning in a pile of dust and dirt until something extraordinary happened.

Gigi did everything she could to hold the ship steady, but the entire body of the craft was in such disarray that both Jace and her knew it wouldn’t hold out for long.  As they were already refueling on Tatooine, they thought their luck couldn’t get any worse.  They needed a ship and there didn’t seem to be anything near this place that could even be considered that, let alone actually fly. They would have to return back home to TinTin on Nar Shaddaa and explain what happened.

With a few credits left to their name, Jace approached Watto for what he expected was not going to be a pleasant encounter.  Watto quickly laughed so hard, he literally fell to the floor.  Jace knew of the Toydarian and his reputation for being incredibly cheap so he knew this was going to take some charm.  After much debate, the siblings attained a new transport though they had to trade in TinTin’s to secure it.  They were sure, they were going to get into some trouble for making the trade but the Trandoshan had come to love the siblings and they were certain that they could smooth it out with him over time.  As they were leaving they noticed the inactive droid in the corner after Watto made a quick remark.  Spending what little they had left, the pair were also able to secure the rusted bucket of bolts.  Watto went back inside no longer able to contain his smile.

Now with a transport secured and a navigational astromech to assist in preparations, they had all they needed, that is if they both actually worked.  There was no doubt repairs had to be made so a visit to ChaCha’s was planned before anything else.  ChaCha and her clan could fix virtually anything.

 The siblings lugged the Droid back to the ship as his two legs had been seized by rust.  Although this acquisition seemed by no means a victory to most, it was something to be celebrated by these two children.    They had their first crew member and with some love and hard work, PR-1E and their new ship would be back up to working order in no time….as long as their ship could make it to ChaCha’s, that is!

Lud Lum

Growing up on the harsh world of Hoth, Lud Lum learned very early on in his life that his existence was not going to be easy and only the strongest would survive.  Being left to fend for himself as far back as he could remember, Lud Lum never found it easy to make friends.  When the rare appearance of a creature did cross Lud Lum’s path, they usually ended up being diner.  Not out of malice, but rather out of hunger.  There simply was not alot of food on the ice planet. With the average daily temperature being a very cold-32 degrees, there was very little wild vegetation grown.  If you were lucky then you may stumble upon what locals refer to as “Snow Berries”.  Snow Berries grew in sporadic patches throughout the planet and are considered to be an oasis in the snow.  The average berry size is very large and can easily fill one’s hand.  But make no mistake, you may travel for weeks and not be able to find a patch making the native Tauntaun creatures look very appealing.

Lud Lum is not exactly known for being the most intelligent of his Clan but his instincts have always been very strong. He knows that come nightfall on Hoth, you only have two options; get to your cave or die trying.  It is here where he came across a boy named Luke Skywalker. 

It was a particularly cold day and close to nightfall when Lud Lum noticed a Tauntaun in the distance.  He did the calculation in his head and knew if he hunted now, he could make it back before sundown.  He silently charged the Tauntaun, and dropped his tremendous weight on top of it using all the strength he could muster.  As he grinned over his first victory in over a month, he quickly realized the Tauntaun was not alone.  There was a human with him and he looked hurt.  Not giving up on his meal, Lud Lum carried both the boy upon his shoulder while lugging the exposed Tauntaun by the tail, eventually reaching his cave.

Lud Lum never seen a species like this before and had no clue if it was even still alive, but he figure he try to save it anyway.  He took the boy and hung him by his legs thinking that this would get the blood moving.  As he waited, the smell of the Tauntaun cooking was simply too much to bare and Lud Lum sat and began to eat.  As he devoured the savory meat, he could overhear some groans, so he went to check on the boy.  The last thing he could remember was seeing a hot streak of a blue blur slicing his arm clean off.  It seemed as though his doom had come. He lay there at odds with himself thinking he had survived against immeasurable challenges only to be taken out by a small…whatever he was.

It is here where, Jace, Gigi and PR-1E meet the Wampa.  The crew landed shortly after the battle of Hoth in the hopes of scavenging some supplies. Like any mission, Jace and his crew take on though, nothing seems to go according to plan.  After spotting the frozen, wounded beast outside of his cave, their priority quickly becomes the health of the Wampa.  PR-1E begins the basic medical procedures needed to sustain it’s vitals.  From there Lud Lum was prepped and transported to ChaCha’s Depot for a new replacement arm!

The Gunnarsingh has been the only home Lud Lum has ever known outside of Hoth, and the crew has become his family.  He would do anything he had to, to protect the other members, even the Kowakian Monkey Lizard, Chimmy whom he bickers with constantly.  Make no mistake, Lud Lum may come off as dim witted but when his instincts take over, he is virtually unstopable!  Jace and his crew can have difficulty sometimes keeping those instincts to smash things in check.  It’s safe to say, with the Wampa aboard, there is never a dull moment on The Gunnarsingh.


Native to the world of Kowak, Kowakian Monkey Lizards are trafficked all over the known Galaxy by poachers and pirates due to their exotic nature and vibrant coloring.  The costly animals are viewed as not only natural things of beauty but also as status symbols.  If you have one, then a few assumptions could probably be made. Most people who do own one of these stunning creatures have an ample amount of credits and little to no respect for the interplanetary laws that protect their kind.

Chimmy was hatched on his homeworld of Kowak and as soon as he was old enough to survive on his own he was torn away from his family and sold to the highest bidder.  His first owner was a renowned gangster on Corellia.  The nameless Monkey Lizard was bought on an impulse from slavers merely to impress his girlfriend at the time.  When the couple’s relationship dissolved as too did his stay on Corellia and he was sold to another slaver and brought offworld yet again.

The process of being bought, and sold became very familiar to the Kowakian as similar situations occurred on Naboo, Mygeeto and Coruscant.  Eventually he ended up in the care of an Imperial Officer stationed on Endor.  Although he spends most of his days contained to a small cage, he has found that the environment around him on Endor left him with a realization.  He now understood that he has spent the majority of his life in space travelling from one system to another.  No matter what world he would land on, it will only be in the stars that he could find comfort and truly feel free.

When Jace and the crew meet Chimmy, it is under troublesome circumstances.  The Kowakian sensed something special in the siblings and immediately ran to them for assistance with his current predicament.  After some discussion, the officer was more than happy to be rid of the Monkey, as he explained he was more trouble than he was worth. 

Call it the will of the Force, but the crew was completed at this meeting and a new family was formed.  Aboard the Gunnarsingh, Chimmy was given his freedom for the first time.  As he glanced out at the far expanse of space, he finally realized he had a home.  He could tell right away what kind of people the crew were and knew that in time he would call them family. 

With the crew now complete, the love they have for one another is unparalleled, although most days everyone gets along until Chimmy and Lud Lum begin their bickering.  It is usually Gigi who puts an end to their fights.  At the end of the day they all know how important the others are, but none of them will never admit it out of sheer stubbornness.

Supporting Cast & Environments

TinTin’s Cantina

A home away from home!  Aside from The Gunnarsingh, TinTin’s Cantina is the only other place in the Galaxy where Jace and his crew can truly feel safe.  It is here, where the crew’s destinies are forged and their role in the Galaxy as champions of ending childhood illness are shaped. 

The Cantina is located in the heart of the downtown core in Hutt City on the planet Nar Shaddaa.  Controlled by the Hutts, it is safe to say that any business which occurs planetside has an element of unlawfulness to it.  To survive here means to adapt to your surroundings.  TinTin has made it his priority to provide an escape for locals to come and forget about their troubles for a time.  Unfortunately, some bring their trouble with them and that is usually where the fun begins.

The building is quite flashy on the outside, beaming with neon lights and a huge sign made up of thousands of miniature lightbulbs. The interior has been fitted with dyed Bantha hides creating a very cool, modern and sleek look.  The establishment is mainly avoided by the Hutts, as they resent the honest environment TinTin is trying to create.  They figure it is only a matter of time before his patrons come to them with business propositions anyway.  After all it is Nar Shaddaa. 

The establishment is well maintained and kept very clean which is relatively easy without the Hutts visiting all the time.  If Nar Shaddaa ever got tourists this would be the destination to come.  However, anyone with half a brain knows to stay as far away as possible from this criminal world unless they are looking for trouble.  Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the honest hard working locals.  

Owned and operated by two veterans of the Clone Wars, the Cantina plays an important role in our story.  The Trandoshan named TinTin and his faithful Gamorean Guard, MaGooch have been in many sticky situations over the years, but have always used their cunning and brute strength to escape relatively intact.  When there is true trouble about, these two form a bond unmatched, and dispatch any problem quickly and efficiently leaving no trace whatsoever. 

When the assassination attempt is made on Jace, it is here at the Cantina, where Gara Squad brings the young man and his sister to recover.  TinTin and MaGooch with the help of their “adopted” ward Rinn, not only take in and care for Jace but watch over him and train the silings during this very tumultuous period as many characters of questionably intent, come around asking questions.  As Jace recovers, he quickly discerns what it really is like in the Galaxy outside of Colborne Port, and decides he cannot sit back and be idle anymore.  His voice needs to be heard and will be.  The Cantina forms as a base of operations from one job to another where Jace is able to recruit a crew and plan his various missions under the guidance, support and tutelage of TinTin and to a lesser extent MaGooch and Rinn. 

The Gunnarsingh

Some beings live in huts, while others live in palaces, but if Jace and his crew had to call anywhere home, it would be aboard The Gunnarsingh!  The ship was a prototype for a line of battle cruisers that was never produced. The DZ-9431 Alderan Battle Cruiser is truly a one of a kind engineering marvel.   Designed by Alderan’s boldest and brightest, Doctors Nicole McFarlane, Thorsteinn Gunnarsson and Sheila Singh.  Only the newest techniques were used to ensure that this particular ship would endure any damage it would take in the many battles that it would encounter.

Why was this specific model never put into production you ask? Well it simply was not cost efficient on the wealthiest of planets, let alone the average world.  The vast weaponry mixed with speed boosts made the spacecraft a wonder of it’s time.  The stealth modifications alone allowed the ship to pass through any blockade with relative ease.

Fast forward one hundred years and this spacecraft can still hold up against anything that the best shipyards of Kuat and Corellia have to offer.    The technology was so advanced that to this day, The Gunnarsingh is still an unparalleled force to be reckoned with. 

Unfortunately the same cannot be said about the ships appearance.   It looks every bit of it’s age and perhaps even older.  It has spent the majority of it’s life in a scrapyard on Tatooine because the parts are so rare that most are confused with junk. In reality if the traders truly knew the value of just a fraction of what they had, they would be able to own entire systems.

As Jace begins his journey to get offworld, he quickly realizes that he will need a means of transportation.  With very little funds, Jace must convince Watto to sell the ship to him.  Seizing an opportunity to swindle a naive kid,  Watto jumps at the chance to get rid of a particular hunk of junk that has been at his scrapyard since he bought it decades ago.   With few credits to his name he ends of using TinTin’s personal shuttle to cover the balance.. Being used to swindling desperate people, it looks like Watto got the inferior deal this time, though he will never know it.

Gara Squad

Best known as Vader’s Elite, this select troop of imperial soldiers are only called in when the job seems impossible!  If you have heard of them, then your probably dead already! They have never failed a mission yet, nor plan too. Due to the increasingly amount of dangerous assignments, membership fluctuates quite frequently within the squad, but the core of the company have remained the same!  Led by Commander Scorch, the team consists of usually no more than a dozen members. Famous members throughout the years include; Goldie, Zexx, Sketch, Thanoseid and Roxswell only to name a few who have brought honor to the squad over their long secretive history.

Gara Squad is a special ops unit with training to handle all terrains.  The team has been stationed everywhere from the snowy plains of Hoth to the forest moon of Endor.  Their ability to adapt to their environment makes them an immeasurable asset to the Empire. Each member was specifically chosen by the Dark Lord himself, Darth Vader to maintain the upmost secrecy and skill. Only The Emperor, Darth Vader and a chosen few are aware of their existence.

Years of training and specializations have brought these men, women and species of all kinds together in the hopes of serving their Empire to the best of their ability.  Their names may never be heard by anyone outside the company, but those within know how important they are to the Galaxy’s success.

As our story begins, Gara Squad is briefed by Darth Vader on The Death Star.  Vader explains that they are being dispatched to Hutt City on the planet of Nar Shaddaa.  Their mission- Protect the target named Jace Russell.  An assassination attempt had been made on the young man’s life and the road to recovery is long…he will need support. No doubt more attempts will be made until the job is completed.  They are to secure him and his sibling and doctor a report for the Holonet pronouncing his death.   This should buy enough time for the Squad to find a safe house for the boy to recover in.  Under no circumstances will failure be tolerated.  That’s why Gara Squad have been called in, they are the best, just like their mantra says.

Success against all odds!

ChaCha's Depot

Located on the outskirts of Dria, ChaCha’s Depot is a place where speeders and ships come to die.  Known to most as the Cruiser Graveyard, local legends say that it is haunted by the spirits of the fallen pilots from all the deserted ships that lay waste in the junkyard.  In reality though, the only things haunting this place maybe the occasional Wamprat infestation!

As if the rumors were not enough, the Depot is guarded by two Rancors named Jax and Mortimer which also does wonders for it’s reputation.  From afar, these appear to be the two meanest creatures to ever appear in the Galaxy.  Weighing approximately five tonne each, and just under sixteen feet in height, these gargantuan beasts could eat a human whole.  But with anything at ChaCha’s Depot, it is merely an illusion.  These are perhaps the dumbest creatures to ever exist.  They are afraid of everything and are often scared away by the smallest of things such as Wamprats, hence the infestations. 

Owned and operated by ChaCha and her team of Jawas, the Depot rarely gets visitors, but when they do…the troop creates elaborate displays of trickery to promote the legends and grow their reputation as a place to be avoided by locals.  The only business they want are the people that they know can’t go anywhere else due to the unsavory nature of their problems.  This way ChaCha can charge whatever she wants without worrying about the authorities.  It’s in a Jawa’s nature to swindle.  Combine that with the type of questionable characters they do business with and you got a perfect operation.

Deep down ChaCha has a heart and it seems to come out with every encounter she makes with the crew of The Gunnarsingh.  Of course she always jokes about making them overpay,in the end a solid hug seems to be payment enough.  This is where Jace brings his ship and armor in for repairs and upgrades.  There is no one else he would trust with this task, as the two go way back.  ChaCha was a good friend to the siblings mother Dez.  It was at the Depot that she left her last gift for her children, in preparation for when the pair came of age.

Some jobs are their own rewards and ChaCha is happy to be a part of Jace’s mission leaving him with the latest tech and modifications at every turn.  Her clan has establishment quite a communication network and work closely with TinTin and Gara Squad to relay the latest information between all of Jace’s allies.

Tuma the Hutt

Hutts are well known throughout the Galaxy to be greedy self-absorbed beings with little to no concern for anything or anyone other than themselves.  Essentially ruling the criminal underworld unchallenged for decades, the Hutts have grown an outrageous sense of self entitlement, and Tuma is no different.

Born and raised on the planet Nar Shaddaa, Tuma never had to work for a single thing in his entire life.  When he reached the proper age of majority for a Hutt of thirty standard years, his empire was handed to him on a silver plate following the “unexpected” death of his father.  He quickly went from the fine things in life to the finer.  His average meal would waste more food than most families could afford in a week, but to a Hutt they would rather see something wasted than given to someone else.

Even though, everyone knew the Hutts were a cruel sort, no one would ever challenge them in fear of what they would do.  Although the Hutts rarely got their own hands dirty, they ruled everything in the Outer Rim and seemed to have an unlimited source of scum to do their dirty work for a fee.  Those who spoke out about their crimes were not heard of again.

What makes Tuma so dangerous is not his endless supply of finances or his criminal network, it is his extremely high intellect.  He is constantly adapting to every situation and anticipating every move his rivals can make before they make them.  He likes to solve problems before they even arise and has made quite a reputation for himself because of it.  His intellect is only unmatched by his ruthlessness.  This is the same Hutt who had his only sister killed out of fear she may cut into his empire. 

In his territory, there is nowhere one can go without feeling the influence of the Hutt, that was until TinTin moved in.  Having some history with the Trandoshan, Tuma fears going after this last establishment, as it might begin a revolution, so he stays away from the Cantina….for now. 

Tuma would never admit to being afraid of anything, so he has convinced himself that one establishment is powerless when the rest of Nar Shaddaa is controlled by him.  As they say, “ignorance is bliss.”  Tuma figures what is one flower going to do among a thousand thorns?  After all, it is Nar Shaddaa and he owns Nar Shaddaa and it will only be a matter of time before locals come to him to be exploited anyway in their feeble attempts for help.