"It's a Trap!"

Star Wars Splash Page Podcast- In depth review and Interview with hosts Jeff McGee, Matt Moore and Jace Wars founder Aaron Russell.  The fun begins at the 18:30 minute mark.

The crew at Broaxium conduct a special Jace Wars Quick Shot episode! See what Dan, Chris and V thought of our adventure.


Jedi Journals- July 2019 Podcast- Review by hosts Jay & Chris.  Jace Wars is discussed at the 29:00 minute mark.

Rishi Review

If ever a Star Wars story is to be told, then Jace Wars must not be just catalogued in the Archives but shared throughout the galaxy. Jace Wars is a tale of a brother and sister, Jace and Gigi, who defy all odds to achieve their goals and defeat the crime lord Tuma the Hutt. Along their journey they encounter a Rodian sniper, IG assassin droids, Rancors, Jawas, and a Trandoshan, Twi’lek, Gamorrean, Toydarian, Wampa, and even a Kowakian monkey-lizard. Some friendly, some not so much, and some just plain fun and whimsical. Hunted and tracked by the vile Hutt cartel, Jace and Gigi make their way through familiar planets, such as Hoth and Endor, all the while aided by an unlikely agency… the Empire.
Jace and Gigi team up with a handy crew, described best by Jace himself: “We are all a little broken and that’s what makes us who we are!” And with an upgraded formidable battle cruiser, they are ready to set out on an epic adventure, which we all eagerly await in perhaps an Episode II or more (?!?!).

But wait… and you thought this was just a story!? In 2011, as a very young boy Jace was fighting a war for his life. Diagnosed with a brain tumour, Jace fought hard with strength, courage, and hope. And he won! Now, recovering at lightspeed, Jace and his family & friends have teamed up with the best doctors, research labs & institutions, and hospitals & charity organizations to continue the fight against malignant pediatric brain cancer. Jace Wars is an epic battle of good vs evil and goes beyond the pages of this thrilling comic book in affording us the opportunity to support the true heroes. Please follow Jace Wars on Facebook or visit www.jacewars.com to learn how to support. Jace Wars is a tale of determined strength and inspired hope… “Never tell me the odds!”

I love how Jace and gigi manage to get what they need simply by being helpful. They know what they need to do to complete their mission. But they also realize that they cannot do it on their own. Being able to ask and accept help is a very powerful thing. I cannot wait for the next episode to see what the crew does next and who they help along the way!- Liz Fletcher

Thoroughly enjoyed the Jace Wars Comic Book. The way Jace and his friend’s struggles were allegorically presented shows the power of a story to frame and illustrate a message of awareness in a manner which is engaging and easily understood by both kids and kids at heart; without resorting to a preachy or emotionally manipulative delivery. The story stands alone on its own merits whether you know the “behind the scenes” details or not. The characters are well constructed, the plot brisk and the artwork is extremely professional. I hope there is a second issue in the works because it left me wanting more. And you can quote me on that.- Clint Williams