Brain Tumour Ribbon

The floor beneath us began to shake, the lights were blinking quickly and the hum of the ship was becoming overwhelming. This is hyperspace and these are the words I tried to convince my 2 year old son as he went through his annual MRI to see if his brain tumour returned.

On February 5th, 2011, my wife and I were told what no parent ever wants to hear….”Your son will not make it through the night!” He was diagnosed with a brain tumour and the odds were against him, but as Han Solo once said, “Never tell me the odds!”.

Jace’s tumour was removed and he made a complete recovery. As a parent all I could do is be there for my child but now, my son and I can be there for others that need us!

Throughout our darkest moments, the Ronald McDonald House Hamilton provided us with a place where my family and I could rest with others who were in similar situations. It was as if their presence was a safe haven during our nightmare. No words needed to be said, the welcoming smile at the front was enough.

The compassionate staff always made sure we had a much needed meal in our bellies because caring for ourselves was not a priority. We were also able to use computers to communicate with the outside world and let our friends and family know the latest updates. Now it’s our time to give back and make a difference.